ANDIS GTX-EXO CORDLESS TRIMMER * weekly special Reg 184.95

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ANDIS GTX-EXO CORDLESS TRIMMER * save $35 weekly special Reg 184.95

ANDIS GTX-EXO CORDLESS TRIMMER CLOSE CUTTING GOLD BLADE EXPOSED BLADE FOR BETTER VIEW Better than ever. Take your styling and creativity to the next level with the GTX-EXO™ Trimmer. While keeping everything you love about the pro standard T-Outliner®, precision has taken a huge leap forward. An intuitive shape gives crystal clear visibility as you outline, shave and fade. The better-than-ever GTX-Z blades are retooled to cut closer than before and can be zero-gapped and are finished in Gold—without modification. Cordless means more flow and less restriction, so you can create until the battery says, “hold up.”


Price: $184.95

Catalog Item Number: 7072